My First What I Ate Wednesday 4.26.17 #WIAW

I have been wanting to share what my day to day nutrition looks like.
After a few weeks of ‘forgetting’ to snap a picture of my meals… I finally remembered to capture each!

DO NOT compare your meals to mine.
No Judgement and No Guilt.

Even though I did remember to keep track of things yesterday, it wasn’t a typical day for me. I am in the middle of a move and also have time off from work. Both of those have created a somewhat hectic schedule that I am not used to.

For this reason, this weeks meals have not been prepared, and I have been needing to ‘eat out’ or find healthier options while on the road.

Black cold brew coffee – Followed by my gym workout

Stopped at Whole Foods to see what I could find. – To my surprise, the hot bar had breakfast!!

Scrambled egg whites AND scrambled whole eggs. A few sausage links and a lot of bacon!

Kombucha! – Specifically Kevita’s Master Brew Grapefruit. I have been trying out new flavors. But am a little cautious… what flavors have you tried and liked?
Two hard boiled eggs with mustard

FullSizeRender (4)

Again, still on the go, I stopped into Snap Kitchen  and grabbed a meal that fit the macros I wanted.
Chili and Eggs  – 330 calories, 36g protein, 8g net carbs, 16g fat.
It is delicious!

Back to Whole Foods – made a chicken Caesar salad. About 4oz of grilled chicken, romaine lettuce because its more filling. mozzarella cheese, croutons, 1 serving Caesar dressing.

FullSizeRender (1)

Totals for the day:
In terms of my macronutrients
Protein was extremely high today. 147 grams
Fats about 87 grams. And about 35 grams of NET carbs ( Which are total carbs minus fiber )

Typically I would like to have a ration of about
Fat – 70%
Protein – 20%
Carbs – 10% max




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