Benefits of using a Fitness Tracker


10,000 Steps a Day. Do you recognize this number? This matches the Center of Disease Control’s recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.
10,000 steps a day also roughly equals about 5 miles.

While, most ‘fitness trackers’ may have originally gained popularity due to their ease of counting and tracking your steps. Now that it is 2017, fitness and activity trackers do MUCH MUCH more.

Before I hit the benefits of using a fitness tracker, lets first touch on features that some / most trackers have.

  • MOST
    • Track Steps
    • Calories Burned
    • Floors Climbed
    • Distance Covered
  • IN Between’s
    • Clock / Date
    • Heart Rate
  • FEW
    • GPS tracking ( pace, split times )
    • Sleep Monitoring Alarms
    • Text / Call / Calendar Alerts
    • Swimming Approved
    • Music Player


Motivation – Just like buying a new pair of gym shoes, or new workout gear, there will always be an enhanced motivation to get to the gym or outside whenever you have a new toy to play with. Motivation also happens when you start to see the results you were looking for.

Calories burned during a workout would NEVER be known without a fitness tracker. Same goes for heart rate. There is no way for me to know whether my heart rate is 125, 135 or 150 beats per minute. All of those heart rates would effects my results differently. Personal I use my fitness tracker to monitor my heart rate during my workout, the total calories burned, and I like to see what my sleep patterns look like as well!

Outside of literally looking at your trackers stats to see your results. Tracking your progress is much easier. Most fitness trackers ( I know FitBit and Garmin have amazing, easy to use iPhone and Android apps ) which make things a breeze when wanting to ‘keep track’ of everything. No more writing in a notebook to remember. These apps are user friendly and you can glance back at any workout or activity you’ve completed.

As stated above, the higher the motivation, the more likely you will train. When you see results, why would you stop? – Progression is bound to happen!

Many fitness tracker apps allow you to add friends or share a completed activity to your social media. My FitBit even has challenges that I can invite friends to each day or each week! Like who took the most steps.
You’ll also become more personally accountable. If you notice you’re sitting around 9,000 steps for the day and its 7pm, it might help you get up and walk those last 1,000 steps and hit your goal!


(Burning nearly 1,200 calories at a team football practice!)

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