Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Winter

Even with Day Light Savings Time, the winters ( especially here in Chicago ) seem like a tough time to get moving and get to the gym. Doesn’t matter whether you prefer to work out in the morning or evening. There’s something about cold, darker days that is depressing.

Here are some tips that help keep me motivated to just get it done.

Pack your gym back and meals the night before you get ready for bed. Lay out your workout gear, or if you’re like me… I like to sleep in my workout clothes! Make things easy for yourself and don’t do this the morning of. Make any meals the night before as well. If you plan to make the whole days worth, lay things out neatly and easy to grab in the fridge.

2. “Go Directly to ‘Gym’, Do NOT pass go!”
Its near impossible for me to go to the gym after work, if I stop at home first. I tell myself that walking my dog quickly will be ok… but my warm bed looks so inviting. If I take off my shoes, its game over. Just go straight there.

3. Multitask
Cardio was never my most favorite thing to do. Still isn’t but I started walking on the stairmaster during NFL Thursday, Sunday and Monday night football games. Games are 4 hours long and by the time I looked down at the machine monitor, I had been walking for 40 minutes! Try finding a new program or just bring your favorite program to the gym, multitask and do both!

4. Get your Rest
Make sure that you are well rested and making sound decisions. If you are not allowing your body to rest and recover, you wont have the energy you need ( or motivation ) to get out of bed and get moving.

5. “But I don’t have enough time.”
I hear this way to often. If you truly want to make a change, in anything, you simply have to begin. Often the first step is the most difficult. I hear this a while back and have tried to pass this advice on as often as I can. Next time you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time”… Instead say to yourself, “It’s not important to me.” And see how that makes you feel. If you can honestly tell yourself it’s not important to you, and you don’t make a change, then you simply don’t want it bad enough.


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