Meal Prep Tips

You can’t out-train a bad diet. Fact.
If fat loss is the goal, know that 1 lbs is equal to burning 3,500 calories.

This means that to lose 1 lbs in a week, you’d either want to workout and burn 700 calories PER DAY… or plan your nutrition in a way that allows you to stay in a 3,500 calorie deficit.

Proper nutrition is essential for meeting your fitness goals.
The same is true if you are trying to add weight. If you are not eating a surplus of calories, weight gain will never happen.

Here are some common tips on planning your nutrition and how to stay prepared.

Meal Prep Days
I prefer to meal prep (2) times a week. This way, food stays fresh and you STILL want to eat it. Nothing is worst than cooking for an hour and on day 5 you hate the thought of eating what you’ve prepared.

Quantity & Quality
Focus on making 3-4 main meals for each day, and adding in 1-2 snacks in between.
Each meal should include a protein, a carbohydrate source and healthy fats. These are called Macro-nutrients. And can be found on ALL food labels. I suggest checking or using the app MyFitnessPal to check the nutrients on fresh foods that don’t have labels.
Remember to change up the combinations of proteins, carbs and fats. This will ensure you never get bored, eating the same meal.

Invest in items like a durable cutting knife, cutting board, food scale, Meal Prep Containers, maybe a cook book if you’re feeling up to it.

Be sure to include small snacks planned in advance to help you from reaching into the candy jar at work 😉
Snacks I recommend are, hard boiled eggs, berries, apples, greek yogurt, nuts or seeds, protein powders, and of course any snackable veggie like cucumber, celery, green pepper, cherry tomatoes…


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